Saturday, March 25, 2017

B is for Birthday List 2017

My TWENTY SEVENTH birthday is in 34 days. I don't know which part of that is crazier... The fact that I'm turning 27 or the fact that I still haven't posted my official birthday list. Honestly, they're almost equally crazy to me. This year is already flying by and I'm not sure how to make it slow down. Maybe I should add that to my birthday list. I'm sure that's something I could find on Amazon. Ha.
Nasty Gal by Sophia Amoruso I'm pretty sure this has been on all my gift lists for the past few months. It screams "must-have coffee table" book to me! $24.15 from Amazon. // Metallic Rose Gold Balloon Dog Rose. Gold. Balloon. Animal. I really don't need to say much. This one sells itself. $35.00 from Etsy. // Sidekick Crossbody Circle Bag in Rose I saw this and part of me squealed. If I were a bag (this is something I think about a lot), I'm pretty sure this is what I'd look like. $75.00 from // Peachy Keen 6s iPhone Case THIS MAKES ME SMILE EVERY DANG TIME I SEE IT. Ugh. It's so good. Peach emojis for life. $35.00 from Sonix. // Dolly Parton Vibes Tee I saw Dolly Parton live for the first time ever last year and it's changed my life. Not in the sense that I want fake boobs or anything, but she's just such a magical unicorn. I love her forever and think Dolly Parton vibes should be everyone's motto for life. $28.00 from Luella. // Peter 6s iPhone Case Because bunnies. That's all. $35.00 from Sonix. // Shania Twain "Come On Over" 2XLP I. MEAN. Are you serious?! This is in my top 10 favorite albums ever. I also found an amazing record player at Goodwill the other day, so I need some good tunes. (Oof. Sorry not sorry.) $24.98 from Urban Outfitters. // Haiku Earrings Eek! They are so dainty. $28.00 from Madewell. // Florence + The Machine "How Big How Blue How Beautiful" LP Another favorite album. How great would this sound on vinyl? Answer: VERY. $14.99 from Urban Outfitters.  
Fruity Business Tee I found this on Instagram a few weeks ago and had some good giggles. That's all you should look for in clothing - giggles! $18.00 from Dave's Clubhouse. // Mini Instax Love Filter Lens Set I think the entire world should have a pink filter, but because I'm not sure how to do that (science and such), this is the next best thing. $18.00 from Urban Outfitters. // Always Bey Flawless Desk Plate Because Beyoncé! $28.00 from Sensual Roker. // Beyonce LP Because Beyoncé x 2. $43.98 from Urban Outfitters. // VOLUSPA French Bourbon Vanille I have never smelled (smelt?) a vanilla candle I didn't immediately fall in love with. This is sold out on, but I've seen it in stores. $9.00 from Nordstrom. // Great Outdoors Nail Tattoos How cute are these?! I cannot do my own nails to save my life (seriously, it's terrible) but these will help, I'm pretty sure. $6.00 from Hartland Brooklyn. // Float On Drink Floaties - Sweetheart I have fruit drink floaties and they are LITERALLY the best invention ever. They've been invited to many Palm Springs mini vacations - they're my absolute favorite. $12.00 from // Mini Pineapple Pinata I believe in pineapples all the time and pinatas for all occasions forever. $14.00 from Urban Outfitters. // LA LA Land LP Say what you want to say about "La La Land," but oooooooh I loved it! Los Angeles + Ryan Gosling + Emma Stone + random dance numbers = Love. $22.98 from Urban Outfitters.

Honorary Mentions: Unicorn Pinata Sticker I am really, really in love with him! HE IS TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. $3.00 from Luella. // ASOS Flamingo Print Headscarf I want all things pink and all things flamingo, please! $9.50 from ASOS. // Active Swiss-Dot Leggings I love me a workout legging, my friends. I also love me some polka dots. Also, cute leggings kind of help motivate me to go workout more. Kinda. $19.90 from Forever21.

Monday, November 28, 2016

C is for Christmas 2016

I would like to formally apologize for the lateness of this post. The blog has been neglected, but my fiery, burning love for Christmas still burns strong. In my defense, I did start my Christmas Pinterest list back in August. I'd also like to note that my apartment is decorated and I'm about 70% done with buying and wrapping presents. So there! On a positive note, it IS Cyber Monday, so I guess I should say... You're welcome. (Just kidding. Thank you from the bottom of my Christmas obsessed heart.)
1. Coco Chanel Brooch Pin This is hands down the cutest pin I've ever seen. Coco Chanel is one of the celebrity guests I would invite to a dream dinner. She is so interesting and I have so many questions for her. (Leonardo DiCaprio and Amelia Earhart are also on my "dream dinner" guest list, just in case you were wondering...) $13.25 on Etsy. 2. Scalloped Cord Keepers This is more for organization than "I need this or I'll die." The amount of time I spend de-tangling my headphones at the gym is really frustrating. These are also really cute. $8.95 at Paper Source. 3. Cat Ornament I am now seeing that this is sold out online, but I have faith. I'd like something similar to this. Believe it or not, I only have 2 cat ornaments on my Christmas tree. Crazy, right? $9.95 at Paper Source. 4. Snack at It Bottle Opener I have approximately 0 bottle openers. I learned that last night while trying to open some sparkling cider. Most bottle openers are ugly, but this is just the cutest. $14.95 at ModCloth. // 5. Icons of Style Postcard Set I love postcards and I love style icons. Need I say more? $9.99 at ModCloth. 6. Floats Your Quote Shelf Decor in Joy I am sure mylar balloons will soon go out of style, but this is just too cute to pass up. It's encouraging and adorable. The best mix. $34.99 at ModCloth. 7. Get It Together Backpack - Lady of Leisure If I told you what backpack I currently use, you would roll your eyes at me. I need a cute backpack for traveling. I also have the matching luggage tag, so it just makes sense! $65.00 at 8. Nasty Galaxy I've never met a pink coffee table book I didn't immediately love. This one is no exception. I mean, look at that cover. MHM. Yes, please and thank you! $22.56 on Amazon. // 9. "To Catch a Thief" Movie Poster This movie is in my top 10 movies. (I also need a poster to keep my "Breakfast at Tiffany's" poster company.) $14.99 on Etsy. 10. Donut Cactus in Bloom Art Print When I first saw this, I let out a dramatic, "Oh my gosh, cuuuuuute." $14.40 on Society6. 11. Macaron Ornament Set If I could only eat macarons for the rest of my life, I would be a happy camper. $14.00 at Urban Outfitters. 12. Adelphi Metal Planter I'm only 50% sure Olivia will attack any plants in my house, but maybe if I distract her with a shiny gold planter, she'll stay away?... $18.00 at Urban Outfitters. // 13. The Collegiate Sweatshirt in Grey I MEAN. I'd also like to note my college never provided me with a sweatshirt, so this is a nice alternative. #DrakeForever $46.00 at Petals & Peacocks. 14. "Be My Guest" Tray My inability to eat dinner at my kitchen table is rapidly increasing. My couch is just so much comfier! To keep from spilling, I'd love to eat off this tray. $48.00 at Waiting on Martha. 15. Kate Spade Cameron Street Byrdie Crossbody Bag I have been lusting after this purse for as long as I can remember. It's so dainty and small. I've recently been drawn to using small bags (which my shoulders are forever grateful for) and need this in my life. $298.00 at Kate Spade. 16. Oh Joy! Pink Ombre and Rose Gold Barware Set I truly didn't realize how many bottle openers I had included on here until right now... Oops! I just decorated my bar cart and am determined to make it extra fancy. $16.99 at Target. // 17. Essential Wall Mounted Bottle Opener OKAY. I know I'm going a little overboard, but how cute, right? I don't need all 3, just 1. You decide! $14.00 at Urban Outfitters. 18. Dainty Gold Chevron Studs I've never met a gold pair of earrings I didn't need. $33.68 on Etsy. 19. Marie Antoinette Art Print I have to say, visiting Versailles this past July was the best thing EVER. I want to live there. It's honestly so big, I think it would take at LEAST 5 weeks for them to find me. Anyway, since I probably can't pull that off, I'll take this print of Marie Antoinette instead... $16.80 at Rifle Paper Co. (This is on a crazy discount, so I think it's fate!) 20. Rose Gold Ring I've been dying to add to my ring collection and this is so simple and perfect. Size 6.5. $9.50 on Etsy. // 21. Lars Botten Les Dents De La Mer Art Print So, I don't know what any of those words really mean, but this reminds me of summer and Palm Springs. It's so peaceful. I want to float in a Palm Springs pool every dang day of my life. This is the next best thing. Ish. $29 at Urban Outfitters. 22. Faux Lamb Fur Throw Blanket in Mauve This is just asking to be cuddled in. Ugh, my heart! $179.00 at Urban Outfitters. 23. Instax Patterned Photo Album I have been cleaning my apartment today and in the process, I found approximately 189384 Polaroids with no home. $12.00 at Urban Outfitters. 25. Secret Society of Beyonce Pin Every time I see this, I burst into giggles. It's just so silly. Also, Beyonce... $10.00 at Band of Weirdos.

Merry Christmas, darlings! I can't believe the most wonderful time of the year is here again! Here's to an incredible 2017. XO

Sunday, February 21, 2016

B is for Birthday 2016

HOW IS IT ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN? I swear, once Valentine's Day comes, I blink and it's Easter, then and I'm at Coachella and next thing I know, it's my birthday again. (Not that I'm complaining...) It's just the best day of the year. Well, one of the best days of the year. (I love you most, Christmas!)
1. Round Tortiseshell Sunglasses I have a new obsession with sunglasses. Every pair I see, I immediately need. $5.90 at Forever21. 2. Sip Sip Tumbler With Straw - Love Potion I'm also in love with any and all (well, most) tumblers I see. Give me pink and hearts and I'm sold. $14.00 on 3. Creazy Colorful Filter 4 Colors Magic Lens For Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 7s Camera I MEAN. These are adorable, I can only imagine the fun I can have with these lenses. $4.98 on Amazon. 4. The Getaway Duffle Bag - Vacation I am always looking for a new dufflebag... And I'm always looking for an excuse to go on vacation. AND I am off to Paris in July, so any cute travel bag is appreciated. ;) $54 on 5. Silver Bezel Earrings I just found this Etsy shop yesterday and am in love with 98.6% of the jewelry. It's all so, well... Dainty and cute! $18 on Etsy. 6. Nate Berkus Hanging File Box I moved a few weeks ago only to realize I have a million little knick knacks and important papers that need a home. This Nate Berkus file box is cute and useful - my favorites! $19.99 at Target. 7. C'est La Vie Print This is exactly how I picture my Paris wardrobe. Stripes and top knots! (I can do without the rain though, but... c'est la vie. Ya know? Ugh, I cringed at that too, don't worry.) $24.00 at Rifle Paper Co. 8. OK Vase Set - Oh Joy! I know I just said I had too many knick knacks, but I NEED this. $19.99 at Target. 9. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film I know this lands on like, all my lists, but it's mandatory. $34.62 (for 50 sheets) on Amazon
10. Sueded Heel Bootie I have a tan pair of these and want to wear them 24/7. They are so cute and comfy. Unfortunately, I wore them to frolic in the snow, so I think they are to be retired. Sigh. $42.94 at Old Navy. Size 8. 11. Disco Ball(s) Well, the ones pictured were my dream disco balls from CB2, but they aren't available anymore, unfortunately. There are some great ones on Amazon though. $17.29 on Amazon. 12. Mudder Lovely Flower Denim Fabric Camera Bag Case My Polaroid camera is fading in color - very unclear as to how/why - but this would be perfect to help protect it. $13.99 on Amazon. 13. Skinnydip Exclusive Pink Flamingo Glitter PVC Pouch I love me some glitter and some flamingos, my friends! $29.00 on ASOS. 14. Simple Ring Stack - Moon Ring & Thin Gold Ring Unless you ask my boyfriend, I most definitely need more gold rings. Who doesn't?! $36.57 on Etsy. Size 7. 15. Peep-Toe Slingback Sandals This is truly the closest I'll get to letting the outside world see my feet in any type of "sandal." $22.94 at Old Navy. Size 8. 16. Kate Spade New York Pearl Place Rose Bowl Vase I've been searching aimlessly for a rose bowl vase. This shape is so wonderful and I love me any and all gold. I'll actually take any shape... These are all adorable. $75 at Macy's. 17. Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories by Christina Tosi I know what you're thinking... A cookbook for Erin? Is she crazy? But I've tried some Momofuku Milk Bar treats and need to bake my own. That's really all I'll do the kitchen - bake or pop popcorn. Oops. $21.87 on Amazon. 18. Kate Spade New York All in Good Taste Rectangular Baking Pan I know, again with the Kate Spade and the baking. But at least you can't complain I'm inconsistent, eh? It seems this one is unavailable for now, but I'll take any shape. $15.00 at Macy's
19. Peep-Toe Slingback Sandals I know I just asked for the black ones, but I'm a strong believer in having multiple colors and versions of the same shoe. Tan shoes for the win. $22.94 at Old Navy. Size 8. 20. Mini Instax Glitter Picture Frame I have a gold version of this, but the more I ask for Polaroid film, the more frames I need. It just makes sense! $6.00 at Urban Outfitters. 21. Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses I warned you from the start re: my sunglasses obsession. Okay? So don't act all surprised as there are more coming. It's my birthday and I'm allowed to ask for anything I want! $5.90 at Forever21. 22. Pinata iPhone 6s Case I know I asked for a bunch of new iPhone cases for Christmas, which was silly because I didn't have a new iPhone, but now I do. And my rose gold phone really needs some love. $39.99 at Sonix. 22. Multi Charm iPhone 6s Case LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS AGAINST THE PINK PHONE. $39.99 at Sonix, 23. Tropicana iPhone 6s Case I MEAN. CUTE DANCING FRUIT. Okay, they're not dancing per say, but it sounds cuter that way, no? $39.99 at Sonix. 24. Stretch-Knit Bow Headband I love me a big bow and the color gray. Ah, it's just so perfect. $3.80 at Forever21. 25. Travel Paris Print This already has a place on my wall. $40.00 on Rifle Paper Co. 26. Gold Polished Tiny Three Star Studs These have just the right amount of stars without being TOO much. And they're dang cute. $15.00 on Etsy
27. Heart Ottoman - Oh Joy! I absolutely must have this pink ottoman in my home. It's darling. I've only seen the white one in stores/online, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Right? $59.99 at Target. 28. Work It Out Water Bottle - After This We're Getting Pizza So... I'm trying to get back to going to the gym at LEAST 3 times a week. I've been in my gym clothes since 1 PM today, so I'm not doing that well today, but I'll go once I'm done. In order to help motivate me, knowing I'd get pizza afterwards would be helpful. $20.00 at 29. iPhone 6/6s Case - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Again with my iPhone case obsessions, I know, guys. I know. But sketches of kittens, champagne, kittens and lipstick? I'm in. $20.00 at 30. Gold Stacking Rings It's so cute!!! $28.70 on Etsy. 31. Week 1 Art Print Sometimes I can't afford real flowers, so fake flowers are always wonderful too. I would legitimately take anything from this Etsy shop though. It's darling. $20.00 on Etsy. 32. Gold Foil Print WINK The rose gold print in 8 x 10 really needs to be in my room. You know? $15.00 on Etsy. 33. Rock 'N Rose Heart Eyes Emoji Ring You know I love me a ring and I love me a heart eye emoji. $21.50 on ASOS. M/L. 34. STAR WARS Fujifilm Instax Film I've never gasped so quickly. I saw these and immediately put them on my birthday wishlist. So worth it. It should be noted they are limited edition. $13.97 on Amazon. 35. Holland Brown Tortoise Sunglasses These are just a more expensive (nicer) version of the Forever21 glasses I want. $98.00 on Sonix.

Thank you in advance! xx 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

C is for Christmas 2015

I am embarrassed it's taken this long to finally compose this list, especially considering I started it back in September. Oops! Well, I'm halfway through wrapping all the Christmas presents I've purchased for friends and family, so it's my turn to be greedy. Right? (I think that's how this works.) Either way, these past few months have FLOWN by. How is next week Thanksgiving? That means it's practically Christmas Eve. ;) Below are my top 18 "I need this or I may die!" items. There are more, less dramatic, items here.
1. Happy Bracelet in Gold ($10.80 on Etsy) The cutest and daintiest little reminder to be happy and stay happy.//2. Tiny Cat Ring in Rose Gold ($19.90 on Etsy in Size 7) I MEAN. Rose Gold + Cats = The ideal ring.//3. Dainty Bracelet ($26.26 on Etsy) Are you starting to sense a theme here?...//4. Fujifilm Instax Mini in Stripes ($9.05 on Amazon) Because white frames get a little boring after awhile, ya know?!//5. Horseshoe Studs ($19.70 on Etsy) I probably need these in my life, they're so little.//6. Multi Charm Pouch ($45.00 on Sonix) I am 100% convinced you can never have too many bags. I should note, there is also a matching iPhone case, should you feel so inclined.//7. Killin' It Pink Rose Print ($11.00 at Madz Design) There is a cute little spot right above my TV just waiting to be filled with this cutie little print.//8. Gold Foil Print Strawberry ($10.00 on Etsy - 5 x 7, please) While my living room/bedroom (studio life...) collage is quite full, my kitchen collage is lacking. The donut and macaron prints need a healthy friend.//9. Gold Foil Print WINK ($10.00 on Etsy - 5 x 7) Ugh, I am obsessed with this print. It's been in my Etsy cart off and on for months. But, because I'm a rational (read: poor) adult, I've moved it to my Christmas list. 
10. Gold Stud Earrings ($17.51 on Etsy) My obsession with gold earrings MAAAAAY be getting out of hand, but we can deal with that when it comes to my birthday list, yes? Yes.//11. Meow Stainless Wine Glass Set ($16.00 from Urban Outfitters) Believe it or not, my cat cup count is zero. ZERO. I know... Crazy.//12. Gold Stud Earrings ($30.64 on Etsy) Oops.//13. Vanilla Bean Travel Candle ($15.00 from Henri Bendel) I've literally lost count as to how many times this candle has landed on my wishlist. It's the most magical scent bundled up into the cutest little tin.//14. Hi Five! Plate ($5.99 from H&M) I mean, look at this plate and tell me it's not the cutest plate you've ever seen. Right? Right! I should note, there is also a matching oven mitt... Just saying. Ahem.//15. Maximum Potassium iPhone 6 Case ($23.99 on ModCloth or Sonix) I should start by saying, first I need an iPhone 6 or 6Plus. But I can't have a naked (new) rose gold iPhone, ya know?//16. Boyfriend Denim Jacket ($40.00 on Old Navy in Medium) I can't remember the last time I had a denim jacket, but this wash is too great to pass up.//17. Cake Tea Towel ($4.99 from H&M) "I love cake and cake loves me right back!" Um, that's adorable. H&M is really killin' it. //18. Evil Eye Pink Tint iPhone 6 Case ($39.99 on Sonix) Again with my "I can't have a naked (new) rose gold iPhone..." argument. Plus, I need to mix it up. Bananas and eyeballs are a great match, haven't you heard?! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

UPDATE: B is for Birthday 2015

I AM GOING TO BE 25 IN ONE MONTH. I'm kind of excited and kind of totally freaking out. One in the same, am I right? Well, despite the fact that I'm getting old (c'est la vie) this also means I get a birthday. And birthdays bring presents. And presents bring heart smiles. You know, when your heart smiles? It's totally a thing, I'm sure of it... Anyway, here is my birthday list. Finally! (Sorry Mom.)
1. Jason Polan Burger & Fries Shoes I was just told that I have "high cholesterol" and can't eat french fries for a while. I'm not going to lie, it's in the top 10 hardest moments of my life. Okay, that's just dramatic, it's not. But I do miss them. To fill my fry void, I'd love to wear these around. Size 8, please! $65.00 at Soludos//2. Super Chill Cooler Bag My best friend works for them, but I'm still adding this to the list because I've been coveting it forever. And because she's so talented, it makes me weep. Love at first sight, my friends. (Both my BFF and this bag.) $32.00 at Harry Styles & Some Pizza Slices T-Shirt I saw this on my friend's Instagram the other day and said "If I don't have this, I may die." With all the devastating One Direction news this week, I think I do NEED this. Size Medium, please! $15.99 on Etsy.//4. Don't Worry Be Yonce Doormat Um, I know I got a doormat the other year, but BEYONCÉ. That's reason enough. It is sold out temporarily, but if you promise it to me, I won't be mad. It just has to be in front of my apartment at some point this year. $45.00 at LuluGeorge.//5. Cat Eye Mask I know I asked for this before, but I still don't have it and I probably need it. Olivia bit all my blinds, so the unwanted early morning sun is not appreciated. But she's too cute to get mad at... $24.00 at Catbird.//6. Ladurée Candle These are so beautiful, I want all of them. Also, if I could live inside a Ladurée store, I would. I don't know which fragrance I want, so, surprise me? ;) Price varies on Ladurée.//7. Home Is Where Your Cat Is Print YES I KNOW THIS IS ON MY LIST AGAIN. I'm so lazy, I haven't purchased it myself. But, it's true. I can't imagine my apartment with out my Livvy Loo. (She has so many nicknames, I don't know how she lives in all the confusion.) $20.00 at Cristina Martinez Paz.//8. New Look Queen of Pop Zip Around Purse I love this so much. Popcorn + Pop + Purse + Pink = Love. $9.00 at Asos.//9. Shake It Off Banner Right now I just have a gold "Fa La La La" banner above my bed. While, we should always fa la la la, I also need a reminder that I need to shake it off. Plus, I know Taylor Swift tried pulling all these off Etsy, so go before it's too late!!!! $22.00 on Etsy.

There's a chance I made an update. Tee hee. ;)
10. Cat Lady Chic I'd like to consider myself um, cat lady chic. I'm probably closer to just a regular ol' cat lady. But either way, some inspiration would be nice. $18.95 at Urban Outfitters.//11. Law & Order DUN DUN. I would like all the 90s seasons, please. I'm kind of obsessed with law, order, murder mysteries, etc... I can't explain it, I just love it. (I could talk about "The Jinx" or "Serial" for a solid 45 minutes. Nonstop.) Now that Netflix took away the old seasons, I'd love to have them on DVD. (Yes, I use DVDs still, sue me.) $25.47 on Amazon.//12. Designer Lipstick And Pizza Print by Bouffants And Broken Hearts This is pretty self-explanatory. It's pink. I love pink. Designer lipstick. I mean, hi! Pizza. Psh. Please. Those were horrible reasons, but I know what I'm talking about! $25.00 at Tiny Cat Stud Earrings I MEAN. So dainty. So cute! I have a serious cat theme happening this year. No shame. $24.00 on Etsy.//14. Pink Donut Pool Float I've been lusting after this donut pool float for about a year and a half now. I just need it. I crave sprinkle donuts about once a day, but never act on it. This seems like a healthier alternative. $24.00 at Urban Outfitters.//15. Cat Nap Pillowcases Okay, this may be a littleeeee overboard, but c'mon! $32.00 on Etsy.//16. Happy Kitty Print This is pretty much my Olivia in a sketch. Plus, it's pink! $20.00 (unframed & 5 x 7, please) on Cat Ears Ring Uh, this is the cutest thing ever! Size 6.5, pretty please! $28.00 on Etsy.//18. Disco Ball I have two mini disco balls, but I think my kitchen 100% needs a good sized disco ball. Ya know? $25.54 on Amazon.

Of course, I have a whole board on Pinterest of more things I "can't live without." So check it. And thank you, in advance. Guys, IT'S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY. I mean, whatever. It's fine.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Y is for Year in Review: 2014

Happy (almost) New Year! 2014 has been bananas, hasn't it?! So much has happened in these short twelve months that I continually find myself thanking the Lord for a) Helping me keep it together (Kind of... I've had my fair share of dance it out/cry it out moments.) and b) Blessing me with amazing friends, family, etc. I don't deserve even half of it, but I am really thankful nonetheless. This year, I became Mother to the most perfect kitten in all of history, Miss Olivia Pope. (I also bingewatched and fell in love with "Scandal." Hence kitten's name.) She is so cute and so sassy. I never saw myself as a "cat lady" but OH how the tables have turned. (It should be noted that as I was typing this, she crawled up onto the couch and plopped herself on my lap.) Livvy melts my heart in all the ways. Boyfriend moved to LA, as did many of my friends. It's really just a party, when we're not all exhausted from working our little butts off. I also moved into my own studio apartment - an apartment that quite honestly just fell into my lap. Living alone (Olivia not included) has been one of the best things for me. I'm 97% happier (All the cockroaches take me down 3%.) and I'm allowed to decorate how I want! Which just means lots of glitter, pink, gold and Polaroids everywhere. This year was definitely challenging as well, but that's just life in general. I'm really looking forward to 2015, despite the fact I'll be turning TWENTY FIVE. Ugh. Either way, my fingers are crossed it tops this year. Now here are all my favorite memories/pictures from 2014, which is mostly kittens and a random Joe Jonas appearance. I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

C is for Christmas 2014

Okay, so I'm really struggling this year with my Christmas list. I've had a list together since very early October, but I had a TERRIFYING cockroach in my laptop keyboard incident (Seriously, even typing out that it happened makes me feel like it's on me. @#*$()@#$! Vom.) and I've been scared of my laptop for a few weeks. I love everything about my apartment, except that. But, my new kitten, Olivia Pope, has taken a liking to eating them, so I'm really going to be okay. (Thanks Livvy. More on her later. Spoiler, she's the best thing to happen to Boyf and I this year.) Now that I've totally grossed you out, here's my Christmas list. WOO. Can you believe Christmas is already here?! Also, can we talk about how disappointing shopping has been so far? I've been really unsuccessful. I've only purchased 3 items and wrapping paper. I'm working backwards. Ha. Wish me luck, guys.
1. Up in the Air Somewhere - Kitten Keepy Ring Dish from Catbird. Side note: The word "keepy" made me giggle way harder than it should've. This is adorable. Cats + Gold = Love. ( $22)// 2. Animal Face Bowl from Urban Outfitters. I mostly want this so I can use it as Olivia's food and water bowls. The mental picture I have is kind of adorable. ( $10)// 3. Cat Eye Mask from Catbird. I haven't had a good eye mask in a long while. So I figure, I should get a new one. It should be black. It should have cat ears. And it should be pretty. ( $24)// 4. New Look Wide Fit Capital Heeled Chelsea Boots from ASOS. I broke the heel on my other black booties at a Beyoncé concert the other month. I'm mad about my shoe, but I have a good story, so it kind of evens out. Size 8 or 8 1/2. I'll really take any that look like this one. ( $47.36)// 5. Fortune Cookie Box from Shopbop. I like gold. I like fortune cookies. It just makes sense. Plus, I'm in serious need of knick-knacks for the ole' apartment. ( $25)// 6. Women's Faux-Leather Crossbody Purse from Old Navy. I love me a crossbody purse. Also, I realized I don't have a tan one. Insanity, I know! ( $26.94)// 7. Pavé Pearl 360 Studs from BaubleBar. Are these not the cutest things you've ever seen?! I'm on board with double-sided earrings. 100%. ( $28)// 8. Home is Where Your Pet Is Print by Cristina Martinez. If I receive nothing else but this, I'd be content. Ish... ( $17)// 9. Tocca Eau De Parfum in Liliana from Anthropologie. Okay, I am OBSESSED with this scent and it's so dang hard to find. I have a rollerball in my purse and use it everyday. It's been a struggle to hunt down, so I'm super duper excited about this. I'll take either size of this. But you know, bigger IS better. Plus, it's the only fragrance that actually lasts all day. Magic in a bottle, my friends. ( $68)
10. Pave Pig Key Fob from Henri Bendel. I have had a Henri-Bendel-Piggy-Keychain-Obsession for the last couple of years and have yet to receive one for my birthday and/or Christmas. Now, I'm not complaining, as I know it's expensive, but I'm just saying. Black Friday AND Cyber Monday are coming up... Do with that what you will. ( $58)// 11. Mia Ankle Straps Pointed Flats from Golden Ponies. I came across this Instagram on accident and I'm obsessed. Gold flats scream my name. "Erin!!!" You heard that too, right? ;) Size 8 or 8 1/2, please. ( $48)// 12. Vanilla Bean Travel Candle from Henri Bendel. If I had to have one candle for the rest of my life, I'd choose this one. I love it so much, it's stupid. ( $15)// 13. Crazy Cat Lady Embroidery Hoop from Etsy. I know, I know. In an attempt to NOT be the crazy cat lady, I'm still asking for this. It's so cute! And it can be ironic. Right? (I feel like a hypocrite with Liv sitting in my lap as I type this. Oh well.) Also, the one shown seems to be gone from the Etsy shop now, or I'm just blind, but anyone will do. ( $27)// 14. Marc by Marc Jacobs Salty Pretzel Stud Earrings from Shopbop. I MEAN. ( $48)// 15. Embroidered Mini Banner HAPPY PLACE from Etsy. So dang cute, I can't handle it. ( $27)// 16. Tick-Tock Clock from Anthropologie. Ugh, I've had my eyes on this for a long while, you guys. I still haven't checked to see if it has a loud tick. If it does, no thank you. When I was little, I had a pink Roxy clock that would tick and wake me up in the middle of the night (If you know me, you know how hard it is for me to wake up in the middle of the night. So that's saying something...) so I'd have to get up and hide it in a closet. Such a hassle. Anyway... ( $24)// 17. Women's Chunky Ombre Infinity Scarf from Old Navy. Another year, another infinity scarf... I love them. ( $19)// 18. Heathered Double-Sleeve Cocoon Coat from Forever21. I am lusting after all the coats this year. From mint green to gray to light pink. I want them ALL. ( $47.84)

Those are my top picks for this year. I'm still embarrassed that it took me this long to compile. If you want more suggestions - for me or yourself (There are some good things up there, if I may say so myself.) - check out my Christmas 2014 Pinterest Board. So many gold/kitten items. Oops. Merry Christmas, you guys!